Fantom Events are proud to unveil a special new event at Watersmeet, Rickmansworth on Saturday 27th May 2017!


LATEST UPDATE: (03/04/17) We are thrilled to welcome William Russell (Ian Chesterton) and Steve Roberts, Paul Vanezis and Peter Crocker from the Doctor Who Restoration Team to Missing Who!

(10/04/17) Sound restoration specialist and Composer Mark Aryes will join us for Missing Who!


From the epic journeys of Marco Polo, through the sandswept landscape of Troy, the Dalek infested colony of Vulcan, to the weed controlled oil rigs of the North Sea; many of Doctor Who's greatest adventures no longer exist for us to watch.


There are currently 97 missing episodes of Doctor Who; this day will look at these lost tales, and the stories of those returned to the archives, with the stars who appeared in the them, the crew who made them, the team who restored them, and the valiant work of those who have returned them.


We shall also be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the television debut of Deborah Watling as scream queen Victoria Waterfield, who first appeared in episode two of The Evil of the Daleks, broadcast on this day in 1967!


Providing the same friendly atmosphere we pride ourselves on, Missing Who will have the usual mix of interview panels, signings and photo opportunities!


High Street

Doors Open at 10:45

Panels Start at 11:00

Final Panel ends at 16:45

Rickmansworth is a London Underground station is served by the Metropolitan line and by Chiltern Railways.