WHO TALK releases two brand new commentaries!

  • A Brand New commentary for Robert Holme's Victorian romp The Talons of Weng-Chiang featuring Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter.

  • Adventures in Space brings together a variety of space bound Hartnell episodes featuring commentaries on The Savages, The Keys of Marinus and The Space Museum.

  • Special Edition Bundle also available - covers autographed by thhe cast and bonus discs with exclusive material!

Please note: These commentaries contain no BBC copyrighted elements and do not feature audio from the episodes themselves.


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October’s duo of releases from Who Talk celebrate the fortieth anniversary of an all-time favourite and some of the show’s earliest science-fiction escapades.
We welcome Nicholas Pegg to the Who Talk range to moderate this special 40th anniversary commentary for The Talons of Weng-Chiang. The final serial of the Hinchcliffe era, this story is a masterclass in horror and atmosphere from the pen of Doctor Who’s most revered writer, Robert Holmes. It also features the legendary Jago and Litefoot, as played by Christopher Benjamin and the late Trevor Baxter.
“Trevor and Christopher had a magical chemistry together, both on screen and off,” say producer Paul WT Ballard. “We were so sad to hear the news of Trevor’s passing, as he was always the perfect gentleman and a delight to work with. This release, however, serves as fitting tribute, and we’ve kept in a lovely little extra after the credits finish rolling, which raises a smile.”
Also featuring on the commentary are producer Philip Hinchcliffe, designer Roger Murray-Leach and costume designer John Bloomfield.
“Listening to these three gentleman discuss how they brought the serial to screen was absolutely fascinating,” enthuses Paul. “And we also get to hear some definitive thoughts on *that* rat…!”
The TARDIS allowed for adventures in time and space, so following on from last month’s Adventures In Time comes Adventures In Space! Featuring a selection of episodes set in deepest, darkest space, this release also features the first commentary track for a “recon” episode.
“Obviously as it stands right now, The Savages is missing in its entirety,” explains Paul. “So we used a telesnap reconstruction for the actors to watch, which worked really well, and so this won’t be the last time we explore this avenue with the range.”
Adventures In Space features contributions from Maureen O’Brien, Richard Martin, Michael E.Briant, Kay Patrick, Peter Thomas, Jeremy Bulloch, Peter Craze, Martin Cort, Peter Stenson, Roy Spencer and Clive Doig.
“The fun with going back over some of these stories is bring in more of the guest cast to get their memories on the stories,” says Paul. “Which means we can bring you The Keys of Marinus with added Voord and The Space Museum with extra Xeron!”
The Talons of Weng-Chiang and Adventures In Space are available now as individual CDs and Downloads priced £10.99 or as a special edition bundle with extra material and covers signed by the cast!





featuring William Russell, Jeremy Young,

Waris Hussein & Clive Doig



featuring Katy Manning, Stewart Bevan,

Richard Franklin & John Levene



featuring Peter Purves, Donald Tosh,

Clive Doig & Brian Hodgson



featuring Simon Williams, Pamela Salem,

Karen Gledhill & Andrew Morgan